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Logical research Essay Examples

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Outline and Evaluate the Psychological Research Into the Link Between Stress and the Immune System

The main function of the immune system is to protect the body from infectious agents such as viruses and other toxins. The immune system can fail us in two ways-either by, letting infections enter the body, or being over-active, so that it is the immune system itself, rather than an infectious agent that causes illness….

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Official Statistics In Sociological Research

Official statistics are quantitative data produced by local and national government bodies, and can cover a wide range of behaviour including births, deaths, marriages and divorce, income, crime, and work and leisure. Official statistics can be produced as a by-product of the normal workings of a government department, but they can also result from research…

How Psychological Research Has Helped in the Understanding of Criminal Behaviour

Albert Bandura created the bobo doll experiment in 1961, the aim of this experiment was to show that if children where witnesses to aggressive displays by an adult of some sort they would imitate this behaviour when given an opportunity. The tested group contained 36 young girls and 36 young boys all aged between 4…



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Ethical Issues of Deception in Psychological Research

In psychological studies, ethical issues associated with deception have always the major concern area. It is largely been viewed as something which in long will cause effect on participants’ willingness to be a part of any psychological research. The controversy associated with this issue has itself led to many researches to ascertain the positivity and…

Deception in Psychological research

Deception in psychological research usually entails tricking people so that the researchers can get the answers they need or ascertain why things happen the way they do. There are many controversial topics in psychology and all of them seek to explain the things in our environment and people’s behavior. One of these controversial topics is…

Ccontemporary Epistemological Research in Education

ABSTRACT. In this article the authors challenge contemporary epistemological research within educational settings. After a reconciliation of the current models which treat epistemological beliefs as static and mechanical, the authors present a teaching experience to illustrate their enactivist view that epistemological beliefs should be conceptualized as fluid and dynamic constructs, emerging in web-like configurations. Answers…

Social Phenomenon Warrants Sociological Research

There are several social phenomenon’s and social problems that warrant sociological research however, there is one that stands out more in this mind than in any other one. Being a church going individual something that truly needs sociological research are the Mega Churches. What defines a mega church? Its basic description is “a congregation which…

The Use of GIS in Environmental Epidemiological Research

GIS technology will provide new opportunities for epidemiologists to research connections between environmental exposures and the possible distribution of disease. Already today GIS can be used to the conduct ecologic studies in which environmental exposure data are compared with disease rates across areas. In the future, it will be possible to use GIS technology in…

Birth Control Psychological Research

The article written by Edward Pohlman in October of 1966 brought up interesting points in relation to psychologist and birth control. It provided both independent variables and dependent variables that helped to show why individuals decide on contraception, or decide not to use them. He pushed to show why psychologist haven’t done much research in…

Ethical problem in psychological research

One very common ethical problem in psychological research is participants falling to answer question which they consider to be very personal (Michell, 1999). When conducting psychological research, the researcher is required to interview the respondents on each and every issue he considers suitable. Some questions posed could be very personal. This makes the respondent feel…

Criminological research

Longitudinal Approach to Chicago Crime Research The Project on Human Development in Chicago Research conducted a research regarding the historical origins of crime using the statistical longitudinal approach — eight-year-follow-up from 1993 to 2001 on 11,000 individuals with equal male to female ratio in nine different age groups selected at random from 70 different communities—…

Psychological research

One of the main criticisms that have been levelled against psychology is that it does not produce objective, value-free science. The assumption here, of course, is that an absolute ‘truth’ actually exists and that psychologists should be pursuing it with vigour. The natural scientists such as biologists and chemists firmly believe in this positivist stance…

Describe and evaluate psychological research

There are many different factors into why some relationships fail and others succeed. In this particular essay, I will look into why some relationships do breakdown. The first model into the dissolution of relationships was devised by Karney and Bradbury (1955). They said that there were three major factors that determined marital stability. The first of…

The adopted codes of conduct for psychological research

There is a belief among psychologists that by carrying out an experiment we should be lead to understand ourselves better and to the enhancement of the human condition and promotion of human welfare. This can only be completed if the experiment is ethically right to all parties involved. Ethics in an experimental situation deals with…

Psychological research

Eyewitness memory for details of an event can be affected at the registration stage by witness factors and event factors. Witness factors include age, stress and expectations. For example, several studies have shown that children typically give fewer details about an event they have witnessed than adults. Similarly, List (1986) found that older people may…

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